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Easy As Waves ft. Dry Shampoo And Hairspray

To celebrate the launch of our online store we have some giveaways from Mr Smith. For every Mr Smith product ordered through the website (for delivery or collection) we are giving you a lucky dip free Dry Shampoo or Hairspray! Individually, they each retail at $37. They are 2 of the biggest sellers and are an essential for any home stylist! With many who haven’t discovered the holy grail of products, and some unaware of how they can help and assist with your day-to-day styling. We have created a ‘step by step’ of our signature waves and included the products and techniques used to help you create this look at home!

(Thanks to Nat for coming in during these crazy times and letting me do a mini shoot!)

Once you have shampooed and conditioned hair, towel dry and apply your styling product. We used Mr Smith Stimulating shampoo to strengthen, then conditioned with Mr Smith Masque to repair and give moisture. Using Mr Smith Foundation to style, which is basically like a primer for hair! Blow dry your hair smooth but be carefully not to make it too straight!

There is no wrong or right place to start for the waves, but I would recommend working in big, square sections of around a inch or so (Today we started on the sides). This next part is where the Hairspray comes in... Mr Smith Hairspray is great for using with hot tools, it gives your styling a great hold, allows the hair to cool and set into shape. It is one of the only heat protectant hairsprays (do not use this method with a generic hairspray, it could FRY your hair!!) It is always important to protect your hair when using a hot tool.

When starting on the sides, always style the front sections away from the face. This opens the face, curling onto the face forces the hair onto the face and you’ll be fighting the hair back for the day! To start, firmly clamp the hair, give half a twist (Turn the iron 180’) and slow down towards the ends, gently and slowly releasing the pressure when you get towards the ends of the hair to keep them flatter. With the section next to the one you have just waved, twist the hair in the opposite direction. Check in the mirror, hair being waved away from the face has the hair on the front of the iron (the second picture above shows this), whilst waving onto the face (as in the third picture above) it is on the back of the iron as you wave. This will give you a relaxed and textured look and not too structured or formal looking (aka a beachy wave!). When creating a relaxed texture wave, always place the iron in from the top, placing in from underneath will give you a more rounded curl. Layer Mr Smith Hairspray on each section before you wave it and allow to cool after it has been waved.

Repeat on the other side and then work sections through the back, continuing with coating each piece with the Hairspray and alternating the waves (one back and then one forward/one to the left one to the right).

Next product comes in to play....Dry Shampoo. Most of us at this point would be reaching for hairspray here, however, we have used hairspray on each section and you really don’t need more as yet. Use the Dry Shampoo here! It will add volume and texture here, add more for more effect. Mr Smith Dry Shampoo will not make ’cakey’ white clumps in your hair like the average dry shampoo will, it gives a refreshed feel to the hair and helps create an airy feel of volume to the hair, which is perfect for dressing out waves. It can be used from root to tip and will not leave it weighed down. After this, give your waves a scrunch and rake through with your fingers or a comb to allow it to fall into place. This is when you can add some serum or a finishing hairspray. With Nat‘s look we scrunched in some Mr Smith Serum and then gave it another shake out to give the ends a little more moisture and luxury feel. Bliss!!

**Check out our online store here to get your hands on a complimentary Dry Shampoo or Hairspray (chosen at random for each order and when you purchase any other Mr Smith product)**

*Hot tip for those that seem to wake up to second day oily-ness, spritz dry shampoo through your hair before bed. Any oils that would soak into your hair over night are absorbed by dry shampoo overnight so you won’t wake to and oily mess!

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