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Dye Salon Blog- November

November sees Dye Salon heading into the 3rd month of being open (yay!). I would like to thank everyone that has made it in to see me here, helped me out with various things and everyone that has treated them selves to some 'me' time and had their hair done. I hope everyone is enjoying the new space as much as me!

Evo Packs

Christmas packs have landed! whether its for yourself (if you're in need of new shampoo), a friend or family member or you have someone for secret santa and have no idea what to give these will certainly be a hit present for anyone! The packs come in a gift box and each one contains a shampoo and a conditioner with a third item being a styling product or treatment. The rrp of these little boxes are $65 which is slightly less than the cost of buying a shampoo and conditioner! So the third product is FREE!! Who doesn't like a little bit of free.....???


Christmas is just a few weeks away now, and its well and truly silly season! Popular times, aka Saturdays and after work times, are filling up fast to the point that there is only a few appointment times left! We can only book as many people in as the times allow so to avoid any disappointments please make sure you contact us ASAP to secure your spot.

The Hood

I'd like to touch on things and people in the neighbour hood that we want to share.

This month I'd like to introduce PT Megan Barnes. She came in for a keratin smoothing treatment recently and was blown away! Megan can be found down at PE Dept Gym down on Orwell st ( She is just the right amount of mean. Drop her an email to help you get ready for summer, she's also offering all Dye Salon clients or those that mention the blog 15% off sessions until the end of the year! Thanks, Megan!

Megan Barnes PE Dept Gym

We are also a drop off point for Canices Kitchen annual Christmas blessing bags. Each year, at this time of the year, Leeann Gardner helps to collect up non perishable items to create little bags for the homeless. This year Dye Salon is super happy to be able to take part and be a drop off point to help make the job a little easier. She is looking to collect anything that we would be using day to day, any toiletries and other items are welcome!

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